Sunday, April 5, 2009


Another year will be added to my life in another ten days. I am often asked if I am a satisfied man. Satisfied? No! Content? Yes.

everal years ago I was leading a Holy Communion Service for about 1000 IET believers in one of the north-western states of India (Punjab). As is the tradition, at the end I said, “Lord, come soon.” All of a sudden I stopped and I said, “No Lord, if possible do not come soon. Wait so that we can bring many more into your light.” 25 years later and hundreds of thousands of salvations later, I am still not satisfied. I will never be satisfied until every unreached tribe and people have a healthy, growing church planting movement. I will never be satisfied until His body will experience a continuing, dynamic revival—within and without. I will never be satisfied until I hide myself fully behind the cross. But, content? Yes! At the end of the day I have to trust in Him who forms and guides us and history. I have to be content in His grace, in His sovereignty, and in His wisdom that holds time, history and future, in His hands. I rest in Him and subject myself to His grace to find contentment in Him and through Him.